Pricing Policy

Beach Umbrellas is committed to offering transparent & competitive pricing on our entire range of products. The prices of all our products are clearly displayed on our web-site for your convenience, something our competitors are not prepared to do!

We are not a discount retailer and do not compete on soley price. We run our business in order that should you need us, we will be here for you in the future. Our prices are set to cover the costs of investing in our staff, streamlining our systems and representing our products in the most professional manner possible. The products we handle are of superior quality in all aspects. If you are shopping for items based purely on price alone you may be best to try elsewhere. If however you’re looking to deal with a reputable company with a rock-solid reputation for reliability, with people who genuinely care about you and making sure they deliver to the best of their ability exactly what you're after, and an organisation who plans to still be here in a hundred years from now, then give us a go, we’d welcome the opportunity to be of service you.