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Beachkit Umbrella Sand Weight Bag 4 pc Tether Kit

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A simple solution to weighting down your beach umbrella on a breezy day! Just fill with sand and attach to the arm of your umbrella.

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A simple solution to providing weight to your top heavy beach umbrella on a breezy day. While we always encourage that you put down your umbrella when the wind picks up, sometimes it seems impossible as coastal breezes appear to be ever present. The Beachkit Umbrella Sand Weight Bag 4 pc Tether Kit are a simple, lightweight and inexpensive way to provide weight to your umbrella. Just fill the bags, attach them to your umbrellas arms and you're good to go!


Includes four weight bags with tethers
Each bags provides 11 kg of weight - 44 kg total if all bags are used
Tethering clips attach behind the umbrella's rib tips
Suitable for umbrella types
Adjustable tethering clips

*Using the Beachkit sand bags is a precaution against windy conditions, we still recommend that you put your umbrella down in moderate to strong winds


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